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t's an immense pleasure for us to announce that the little buds of Candyyfloss participated in the Inter School events like COSTUME PARADE, RANGOMITRA SPEAKING MONUMENTS OF INDIA, FIRST TIME FUN TIME & BALLOON BURSTING RELAY held at N K Bagrodia Public School Dwarka on Tuesday, 19th Sep' 17 with great zeal & enthusiasm. Sharanya Makkar of Pre School D brought laurelso the school by bagging First prize in 'COSTUME PARADE' and the students who participated in the other events got certificate of participation. Through this  opportunity the interests of the students were nurtured as they got great stage exposure.


    Diwali celebrations 2017
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    Diwali is an exciting time of the year - time of celebrations, filled with sweets, new dresses and lighting up diyas are much look forward to. In short all the fun and festivity is in full swing. Amidst of all the excitement, Candyyfloss took a step further to ensure that along with the enjoyment children get to know about the traditions and other important aspects of Diwali. Therefore, various activities such as bandhanwar making, rangoli designing, laddoo making, decoration of diyas and some games were organized on 16th and 17th of October 2017. The children were delighted and participated in all the activities with great enthusiasm.


      Jungle Week 2017
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       A very interesting world to be explored by kids. Introducing this new realm to the young minds in a fascinating way, Candyyfloss conducted Jungle Week - Mowgli's World from 9th to 13th October 2017. Children were taken on the whirlwind tour around the habitats of the world.

      1)Play Animal Musical Chair -
      Playing musical chairs in a new and engaging way, was made a delightful and fun filled learning experience for the kids of Candyyfloss. Kids were given freedom to behave like their favorite animals during the game.

      2)Where Do I Live? An Animal Habitat Game
      Giving children a clear understanding of different habitats (forest, ocean, pond and desert) in an unconventional way by involving them in a game, proved to be a wonderful episode.

      3)Time to Make Mowgli’s Friend -
      Giving children a first hand experience about the basic features, colors and behaviors of various animals with the help of cute and easy to handle animal puppets. The puppets were decorated by the children, helping them to show up their creativity.

      4)African Drums and Elephant Conga Line
      A very good activity to give the kiddos a free encounter with jungle life. Children made cute drums out of the empty, cold drink cans and decorated them with various animal skin patterns.
      The kids were also taken out for a nature walk where they wandered like elephants using all four legs. This helped them to have an idea about the body balance and appropriate use of front and black legs.

      5)Jungle Party
      A jungle themed party was ideal for our little ones as they loved to dress up and imitate as their favorite animals. They played various interesting games related to the theme and had a full on blast for the entire day. The children enjoyed to the core and also showed up their knowledge grasped during the entire week, very enthusiastically.


        Ganit Week 17
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        GANIT WEEK
        Mathematics plays an important role in developing analytical skills in children. Candyyfloss conducted "Ganit week " from 11th  to 15th September 2017. Various activities were conducted in the form of different mathematical games which helped the kids to kindle the love for mathematics. Such activities helped them to explore and experience things beyond books and develop better understanding of concepts in a fun filled manner.

        Day 1: Making Shapes -
        Shape activities help children to develop early mat skills. These activities encourage children to identify shapes in real life and create images with shapes.

        Day 2: Make A Shape Collage -
        Kids love activities like hunting of shapes and making a collage out of different shapes. These are great ways to kick start shape recognition and get started with finding matches.

        Day 3: Fun Fishing Math Games -
        A perfect game for practicing number recognition, number sequencing and comparing
        numbers. This is a multi-sensory approach which provides an experience that promotes retention of the numbers.

        Day 4: Number Memory Match Up Game -
        Playing games allows children to learn, practice &reinforce many useful skills, such as following directions, taking turns etc. adding a twist to the traditional memory games help the kindergarteners in sharpening their mathematical skills.

        Day 5: Make A Clock -
        Time for children to make a clock! to help them learn to tell the time. Mastering this skill seems hard at first, but with hands- on practice, students can learn this, that’s why candyyfloss planned a fun activity in which kids get a chance to create their own clock. This will help in developing their interest towards learning time.
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